5 Reasons to Use Self Storage While Renovating

March 22, 2017

There’s nothing quite as rewarding as putting some time and effort into making your home reflect your personal style, needs and preferences. However, while renovating you might run into a few problems if you don’t have anywhere to keep your belongings or if work takes longer than expected to complete.

If you’re thinking of updating your home, take a few moments to check out our top 5 reasons to use self storage while renovating and save yourself from some unnecessary stress along the way!

1. Provides you with space to work

Whether it’s just a lick of paint or some more extensive work, chances are that you’ll need to move furniture, wall art and other items to provide you with ample space to carry out your renovations. Instead of moving clutter and bulky items to other rooms in your home, consider renting a self storage unit. Doing so allows you to continue using the rest of your house or apartment as you normally would, providing fewer interruption to your day to day routines.

paint brushes and roller

2. Allows you to store materials and equipment securely

It’s easy to get a little ahead of yourself when planning and purchasing for a renovation. Wandering through a hardware store, you may find fixtures you like, new lighting options, or something else that you think will enhance the look of your home. Unless you’re needing that particular material at that particular point in time, it leaves you with the problem of finding a place to store it in the meantime. If your home or apartment is small, a self storage unit gives you a secure place to keep your materials, as well as any equipment you may need, until they are required.

3. Gives you a place to store items you’re not certain you’ll keep

When renovating a space such as a bedroom or living room, it can be hard to part with much-loved pieces of furniture and decor that may not necessarily suit the new look of the room. If you think you’ll use it in the future, are wanting to sell it down the track or are simply unsure of whether you want to part with it, placing your belongings into a self storage unit gives you time to think and some much needed space at home.

hammer and glue on floorboards

4. Keeps your belongings safe from damage

Even after taking what may seem like adequate precautions, you can’t always ensure that your belongings won’t be damaged as you renovate. Whether it’s a small paint spill, a thick blanket of dust or damage by some other means, accidents can’t always be preempted. Instead of risking your favourite belongings, put them in self storage and rest easy knowing that their far from the mess of your building site.

5. Makes it easier to work at your own pace

Whether you’re carrying out the renovations yourself or are making use of a professional’s skills, it can be hard to predict when the project will be finished and if there will be any setbacks along the way. Using a self storage to keep furniture, materials and equipment out of your living space means that you can get on with day to day life and not be disrupted by displaced belongings.

paint brushes, sponges and tape

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