5 Reasons to Use Boat Storage

If you’re a boat owner or are considering purchasing your own watercraft, why not consider boat storage? Offering you peace of mind, saving you space at home and so much more, there are plenty of great reasons to make use of a secure storage facility.

Check out our top 5 reasons to use boat storage and discover why it’s an option well worth thinking about!

Peace of mind

As a costly investment, much like a car or motorbike, it’s understandable that you will want to know that your boat is securely stored when you’re not using it. While parking your boat on the street outside your home is an option, you cannot guarantee that your vessel won’t be damaged by passing cars and pedestrians. New boat trailer parking laws in some NSW council areas can also make it harder to park your boat trailer for extended periods of time. Boat storage removes some of the main stresses of boat ownership, allowing you to access your vessel when you need it and keep it safe when you don’t.

Save space at home

If you work full time or live away from the water, it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll need to use your boat everyday. Instead of taking up precious space in your garage, on your driveway or in your backyard, dry boat storage provides a handy alternative for storing your vessel. Dry boat storage is also a great option for people who may not have adequate space for a boat, such as those who live an apartment building or who have a boat that is simply too big to store at home.

Save space at home A boat can take up precious space at home. Image Credit: Shane Desloges.


Most boat owners have a favourite fishing spot or place on the water that they can’t help but return to time after time. If this is something that you relate to, it makes sense to be able to keep your boat close to your special spot for when you need it. With boat storage available at five of Rent a Space’s stores, including Gregory Hills, Padstow, Brookvale, Caringbah, Chatswood and Burwood, you can find a boat storage space close to your favourite waterway.


Making use of dry boat storage often works out to be much cheaper than berthing your boat at a marina and can help to save on maintenance costs too. Keeping your boat in dry storage helps to avoid damage caused by rough seas and reduces the likelihood that you’ll have to carry out antifouling.

Cost Keeping your boat at a marina can be costly. Image Credit: Terry Bone.

Ease of access

Although not quite as accessible as keeping your boat on your own property, boat storage spaces provide generous access hours throughout the year, meaning that you can get to your boat when you need to. All of Rent a Space’s secure boat storage spaces can be accessed year round with a security code. If you share ownership of your boat with family or friends, it also means that you can each access your boat when you need it without the hassle of having to share a set of keys to the storage space.

Interested in dry boat storage? Get in touch with our friendly staff today and find a boat storage space to suit your needs!

Featured Image Credit: Yamaha Watercraft Group.

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