Changes to Boat Trailer Parking in New South Wales

In line with recent changes to the Impounding Act 1993, parking your boat trailer on the street for more than 28 days at a time could result in your trailer and boat being impounded.

In New South Wales, the Impounding Amendment (Unattended Boat Trailers) Act 2015 now gives councils and impounding authorities the ability to impound a boat trailer if it has been parked in one spot for more than 28 days. To avoid impoundment, owners must move their trailers a minimum of once every 28 days and at least as far away as a different block section of the same street.

Although only a few local government areas, including Canada Bay City Council, Northern Beaches Council and Woollahra Municipal Council, are enforcing the measures at the present time, they are set to roll out across more local councils in the coming months.

These changes to the Impounding Act 1993 won’t apply where a residential parking permit has been issued by the council and is on display, and councils are required to provide at least 15 days notice before impoundment occurs.

Helping local councils to manage boat trailer parking, the changes have also been enacted to encourage owners to make use off-street storage. Why worry about finding a parking spot around your home or face the inconveniences involved with impoundment when Rent a Space offers a great range of boat storage options?


Dry boat storage for small to medium sized vessels is available at several Rent a Space facilities, including our Gregory Hills, Padstow, Brookvale, Caringbah, Burwood and Chatswood stores. Each boat is stored in a secure outdoor facility with 24-hour security surveillance and customers are given a security code that allows them to access their vessel from 6am to 9pm, all year round. With facilities with boat storage scattered across the Northern Beaches, Eastern Suburbs and Western Suburbs, there’s an option to suit you and your storage needs! Learn more about why you should consider using boat storage.

If you’re interested in boat storage, contact our friendly customer service team or stop by your closest Rent a Space facility to learn more.

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