Benefits of Using Self Storage For Your Documents and Archives


Regardless of the size, every business has an excess of documents, tax records and other paperwork that are not necessarily used on a daily basis, but must still be kept for the successful running of the business or for tax purposes.

Your paper archives will continue to grow and it will eventually reach a point where you will need to think about where and how you are going to store those files. Having ten filing cabinets take up valuable office space is not a feasible solution in the long run.

This is when you might consider storing your business archives offsite in a secure self storage facility. There are many benefits to using self storage and Rent a Space offers a cost-effective, secure and hassle-free way for business owners to store their physical files off-site.

Free up space and stay organised

A four-drawer file cabinet can hold approximately 18,000 pages and takes up to 9 square feet of floor space. With office space being so expensive, it makes sense to place your business documents and archives in an off-site location.

Using our secure self storage facility will help free up valuable office space and allow your business to work more efficiently.

Health and safety

Don’t run the risk of your archive boxes becoming a health and safety risk. Your staff might trip on them, or if they’re continually moving large boxes trying to make space, your staff may run the risk of injuring their back, which may lead to reduced productivity or absence from work.

how to keep your self storage space organised

It’s easy to increase your storage space

You can easily rent additional storage space when you need it, instead of moving to a bigger office! It’s quick and easy to rent the extra space without the hassle, as you will already have a contract with the storage facility.

Better security

Do you lock your filing cabinet? Do you know who has access to your records and files? Unless you have a secure room with controlled access, there is always the risk that important files or documents can go missing, lost or retrieved and then refiled incorrectly and you don’t know who may be accessing those files.

We believe that another great reason why you should use an off-site self storage facility for your documents and archives is security.

An off-site storage facility like Rent a Space gives you peace of mind that all your documents are stored securely and only you (or authorised employees) have access. All of our storage units are individually alarmed and locked with your own padlock – we do not hold keys. Our storage facilities have CCTV security surveillance and you will be provided with a personal pin number which gives you security access to the facility and un-alarms your unit upon entry and re-alarms your unit upon exit. You can access your storage room 365 days a year between 6am – 9pm.

24 hour security surveillance at Rent a Space self storage

Cost effective

According to a PricewaterhouseCoopers report, a company will spend on average $25,000 to fill one filing cabinet and an additional $2,100 a year to maintain that cabinet. You can see that fees will start to add up quite quickly as paperwork starts to accumulate and need to be filed away.

An off-site document storage unit is a very cost-effective solution for your business and you can now use that extra office space for new staff or to expand your business operations.

Rent a Space has a range of unit sizes to suit your needs and budget. As your archives grow and the need to increase your space increases, we can offer a flexible storage solution without the stress and hassle.

Need storage for your business files? Speak to the experts at Rent a Space about our cost-effective, secure and flexible business storage solutions. Call us on 02 8758 0000 for more information, or check out our storage unit calculator to view a selection of sizes available.

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