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Move-in service Rent a Space

Moving into a storage unit? Use our free storage move-in service.

With our self storage move-in service, moving your items into storage has never been easier.

Rent a Space offers our customers a free truck & professional driver storage move-in service. This means you can easily transport your furniture, household, office or business items to your storage unit.

Instead of the hassle of hiring and driving a truck yourself, arranging and paying for the insurance and paying for fuel costs, or paying for a removalist, take advantage of this handy, no charge and super convenient way of moving your stuff into a storage unit.

Enjoy the convenience of our popular free service, and make the process of moving your goods into storage stress-free and efficient. It will save you around $400 or more.

How does the Rent a Space Storage Move-in Service work:

Our storage move-in service is completely free. You won’t pay for fuel, truck insurance or truck hire.

It is available for eligible customers whose goods are located within 10km of the storage facility. Minimum storage unit sizes apply. The service is available for morning or afternoon bookings, 6 days a week. 

Our 3.5 tonne fully-enclosed truck, driven by our professional driver, will arrive at your home or office location (within the designated service area) at the booking time, for you and your helpers to load it. 

Our fleet of trucks are equipped with tailgate lifts. This makes the process of loading items such as white goods and heavy or bulky furniture much easier. The truck will arrive with a fridge trolley to help you move items from your house to the truck, plus blankets and tie down straps for you to secure your items.

Our friendly driver will drive your goods to your pre-booked storage unit and park the truck convenient to your unit or in the closest loading area. When you arrive, and with the assistance of your helpers, unload the truck onto our large platform trolleys, mattress trolleys or fridge trolleys to move your items into your storage unit. If your unit is on an upper level, take our large fast goods lift to your floor.

Our free truck & driver storage move-in service is provided on a first-in-first-served basis. It is very popular and books out quickly. So, make sure you plan ahead and lock in your date and time early.

What you need to know about the use of our storage move-in service:

See our full move-in service terms and conditions here but some of the key details are:

  • The complimentary truck and driver storage move-in service is available for Rent a Space customers moving into a unit 2.5sqm or larger. Saturday bookings are only available to customers moving into a unit 4.5sqm or larger.
  • The service is available for customers moving within the service area (within 10km of the storage facility).
  • The service is first-in-first-served and subject to availability. Book early to avoid disappointment.
  • The driver will not handle your goods, so make sure you have appropriate helpers to assist you with the loading and unloading.
  • We allow one hour to load the truck at your home/office. So, it is important that you are prepared and have an appropriate number of helpers ready to make sure you can meet this requirement. 
  • After loading, you must travel immediately to the storage unit to unload the truck. 
  • We will confirm your truck booking the day before, so listen out for our call. Changes can be made to bookings up to 24 hours in advance. Changes cannot be made after that time. If you cancel your booking after it was confirmed, you will forfeit your opportunity to re-book the truck and your storage reservation fee.
  • The driver has the final say on where they are able to safely and legally park the truck.
  • We only travel from the loading address to the store. We cannot make stops along the way. 
  • Our service is a move-in service only. It is only available at time of move-in to your storage unit (or within the move-in period). It can only be used once and cannot be used at move out (even if you didn’t use it at move in).
  • You must have a paid reservation, or have completed a storage agreement with Rent a Space to be eligible to use our free Truck and Driver service.

Moving your stuff into storage – tips for your moving day:

1. Make sure you are prepared

You have limited time (one hour) to load the truck. Having your goods organised and standing in an area close to where the truck will park will help you to use the one-hour loading time wisely. If any items require disassembly, such as beds or flat pack furniture, make sure this is done before we arrive.

2. Choose your helpers wisely

Moving can be hard work. It may involve heavy lifting and manoeuvring of bulky furniture and goods. As you are responsible for loading and unloading the truck yourself, it is important that your helpers are ready, willing and able to help you get the job done, efficiently and safely. 

3. Plan ahead and have your storage agreement completed in advance

Moving day is often stressful. You may be juggling many moving parts and people. So it’s a good idea to complete your storage agreement before arriving at the storage facility on moving day.

Rent a Space offers a contactless move in service, where you can complete your storage agreement from the comfort of your own home, in advance. Alternatively, come into the store a few days before move in day, view the space, complete your agreement and put your lock on the door. This ensures you have no delays on the day and are familiar with the site, the lifts and the locations of trolleys and your storage unit.

4. Plan what to take in the truck

Our trucks fit approximately a half garage (7.5sqm) worth of goods when fully loaded. So if you are moving into a larger unit, you should plan which items will travel in the truck to ensure you get the most out of the service. We recommend using our truck for the larger, bulkier and heavier items which will not easily be transported by car or trailer. Don’t forget we offer complimentary trailer hire to help move any other items that may not fit in the truck.

5. Set up a safe loading area at your location

Every house and business location is different, so consider in advance how and where our truck can park at your property. Will you need to reserve some parking spaces on the street? Or even trim some branches for the truck to fit in the driveway? Our drivers need to ensure the loading area is safe and legal, so plan ahead to ensure you have the best loading experience possible. 

6. Our driver is there to advise, but not assist

Each of our professional drivers have great experience in the safe operation of trucks. They will offer you advice and direction on safe ways to pack your goods into the truck, how to distribute the load evenly and ensure your precious items arrive at the storage unit in the same condition you packed them. 

Our drivers are not removalists or labourers. They will not be able to assist you with loading or unloading your goods into or out of the truck. So, make sure you have adequate people there to help you. 

7. Plan to depart your location at the same time as our truck

You must arrive at your storage unit simultaneoulsy with our truck, to immediately commence unloading.