Clever Ways to Organise Your Belongings Before You Move

The process of moving home can be both a lengthy and daunting process. To help make your move run as smoothly as possible, it’s best to organise your items well before they head off in the moving truck to your new home or storage space.

We’ve created a list of our top 10 tips to help you keep your belongings organised as you make your move!

1. Use Colour – To help make unpacking easier, colour code all of your boxes with colours assigned to different rooms of the house while you’re packing. With luck, everyone who is helping you move will follow the code too and all you’ll have to do is to unpack the boxes in their assigned rooms.

2. Spring clean – Make life a little easier for yourself and have a good clearout before you start putting your things into boxes. Regardless of whether you choose to sell the items, donate them to charity or give them away for free, you’ll reduce the amount that you’ll need to pack, transport or find a place for in your new home.

3. Fill your recycling bin – Paper can also take up an unnecessary amount of space, so throw away any unwanted junk mail and documents. Be sure to shred any documents containing personal information before putting them in the bin to keep your details safe.

4. Ziplock your bits and bops – If you end up having to take furniture apart, prevent yourself from being a screw, bolt or nut short on the other side of the move by putting all fasteners into a ziplock bag and then taping it to the underside of the item. This’ll keep all the parts together and help prevent unnecessary frustration after a long day of moving.

5. Take advantage of suitcase space – Forget trying to lug around a incredibly heavy box that’s filled to the brim, pack your heavy items, such as books, into a rolling suitcase to make transporting them a breeze.

Clever ways to organise your belongings before you move6. Use your belongings for extra padding – Keep all your fragile items safe by using clothes, linen, blankets and even soft toys as packing materials. Not only will you be preventing breakages, but you’ll also be packing up several items at once without even realising it!

7. Avoid tangles before they happen – Keep your jewellery in tip top condition by threading necklaces through toilet rolls to prevent tangling and by putting smaller items into egg cartons.

8. Take a photo of electrical set-ups – When you’re settling into your new home and wanting to relax in front of the television, the last thing you’ll want to deal with is a major tangle of cables. Take a photo of the back of your electronics, such as televisions, before you pack it up so that you’ll easily be able to tell where each of cables belong.

9. Highlight your goods – If you’ve got some very small items to move with you, wrap them up in brightly coloured tissue paper before placing them in a box to make them easier to find and to help stop you from leaving them behind.

10. Keep your everyday essentials together – The process of moving and unpacking can be very tiring, so save yourself some of the hassle and prepare a first night box. This box should contain all the essentials that you’ll need during the first night in your new home, such as toilet paper, toiletries, a change of clothes, medication and bedding. Don’t forget to include some coffee to help make the next morning a little easier!

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