Five Reasons Why Self-Storage Is Perfect For Students

Living out of home or in another country while at uni has a lot of positives – you get to meet new people, get involved with uni events and enjoy a lot of freedom. However, you also have to contend with the fact that you’ll need to transport all the items that you’re going to live with for a few months or even a few years from one location to another, and even back home.

Check out five of the top reasons why you should use self-storage units to make your uni experience easier!

1. You accumulate a lot of stuff

Even if you try your hardest, it’s more than likely that you’re going to accumulate a few more possessions than you had at the beginning at the year. Whether you’re now the proud owner of op shop finds too incredible to leave behind, a whole stack of pricey textbooks or new threads that help to hold off washing day as long as possible, there comes a point where you need to downsize to make life in a tiny college room or budget student digs more bearable. Having invested your hard earned money in your new worldly possessions, why not store them until you find more room or you’re ready to part with them?

University student's dorm room Image Credit: Texas A&M University-Commerce Marketing Communications Photography

2. It’s can be too far to take all your things home

If home is in a rural area, interstate or overseas, it’s sometimes too far to have to take all your uni gear with you at the end of the uni year. While trying to fit all of your stuff into a small car or into weight restricted suitcases can really help to hone your tetris skills, it’s normally a stressful ordeal that you’d rather live without. Instead of worrying about how you’ll manage to take all your belongings home, rent a self storage space and the only worry on your mind will be how to celebrate the end of exams!

3. You’ll have to bring it all back again next year

While the summer uni break can seem as though it’ll never end, reality sets in at the start of the new year that you’re going to have to lug all your uni essentials back to campus. If the ordeal of taking all your belongings back home at the end of the year wasn’t enough, you now have to contend with sorting and prioritising anything extra that you’ve bought, or been given, during the uni holidays. It might not sound like much of a task to begin with, but when it comes down to choosing the two pairs of shoes and how many dorm room transforming posters you can pack, it’s more than likely you’ll be thinking again. Remove the stress of having to leave any of your prized possessions behind and store your belongings in a self storage unit or locker.

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4. You can be in-between housing

As hard as you try, sometimes it’s hard to line up the times at which you’re vacating one house or dorm room and moving into the next. Instead of having to try and find generous family members and friends who’ll let you leave your belongings at their place, rent a self storage unit and make your life a little easier. In addition to having all your things in the one spot, some storage units can be accessed all year round, so you can easily grab anything you need when you need it.

5. You don’t need all your uni stuff over the summer break

If you’re heading home during the uni holidays, it’s more than likely that you’re not going to need the linen, stationery, books and other items that you adorn your student digs with. Instead of having to fill your room at home with things that you’re probably not going to use for three months, pop your belongings into storage and relax in a clutter free space. You’ll definitely be thanking yourself when you don’t have to contend with your own obstacle course every day!

For a great range of secure self-storage options, ranging from small locker spaces to larger spaces that’ll fit furniture and more, take a look at Rent A Space’s student storage facilities. Offering free truck and driver move-in, as well as free trailer use, transporting your belongings into storage with Rent A Space is a hassle free process well worth looking into!

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