Handy Tips for Storing Your Bags

Did you know that the average woman owns seven handbags? Here are some of our tips to keep your bags neatly stored and protected. And no, hanging it from the doorknob does not count.

Never store your handbag in plastic or vinyl

Plastics and vinyls don’t breathe and can cause mould on your bag. Always store your bag in a dust cover, which will protect the leather from dust and stains. If you don’t have a dust cover, you can easily make your own. If you’re not that handy with a sewing machine, cover your bag with a couple of standard size pillowcases.

Photo: Vintage Dooney Protect your bag from dust and stains. Photo: Vintage Dooney

Inside support

Keep your bags upright and stuff them with tissue paper, craft paper or even old clothes or linen. This will help them keep their shape and prevents them from ‘collapsing’. Don’t use newspapers, as the ink can rub off on the bag lining and your fingers.

Hooks are a no no

Hanging your bags from a hook may seem like a good idea, but hanging up bags over long periods of time can actually cause damage to the strap, regardless how lightweight the bag is. Hanging a bag over a hook can cause the straps to stretch out or break, or bend them around the hook. We recommend neatly rolling up the straps and if it’s detachable, storing it inside the bag.

Photo: Closetful of Clothes Photo: Closetful of Clothes

Keep them upright

Whether you’re keeping your bags on a shelf in your closet or in a storage unit, do not stack them on top of one another. Store them upright and place them next to each other.


Try a covered storage box or a basket to protect them from dust and stains.

Photo: Fashionable Hostess Keep it tidy and in one place! Photo: Fashionable Hostess

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You can also check out our guide to self storage infographic, with benefits on why you should use self storage, the typical storage unit sizes available and tips on how to store your goods in storage.

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