Your Guide to Self Storage Infographic

According to a survey:

  • 88% of homes in Australia have at least one cluttered room
  • 43% of respondents agreed that “I wish I could deal with clutter in my home, but haven’t been able to”
  • 75% of garages were so cluttered that they could no longer fit a car

Are you in the same situation? There is a simple solution to help with the excess clutter! It’s time you considered a self storage unit if you need more space at home.

There are many benefits to using self storage including getting access to your items 365 days a year, state-of-the-art security monitoring, individually alarmed storage units, keeping your home organised and more.

View our handy guide to self storage below, which outlines the benefits of using self storage, the typical unit sizes and what you can fit in each and tips for storing goods in storage. If you need help with self storage, speak to Rent a Space. We have a range of self storage units to suit your needs and budget.



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