Manage and Organise Your Child’s Toys

According to research, the average Australian household with dependents has in excess of 100 toys. 96% of Australian parents spend more than $100 on toys per child, per year. Research also shows that 2 out of 3 toys are let go of because they are no longer played with. Only 1 in 5 are discarded because they are worn or broken.


Do you have this same problem? Do the toys just seem to multiply overnight and take over your house on a daily basis? Organizing your children’s rooms can be time-consuming and stressful, especially if they have more toys than you have storage space, but there’s no need to panic! We’ve found some great storage and organisation ideas to help you.

Quick and easy book storage

If you have nowhere to store their books, why not DIY a quick and simple book shelf this weekend? You can put an Ikea spice rack up on the wall or on the back of the door where the little ones can reach them.

Photo: Domesticsimplicity Photo: Domesticsimplicity

Make sure everything has a place

This will make your life so much easier! Organise the toys into containers or baskets. Keep them on shelves to keep the room tidy and organised. You can put any toys or items that get used the most at the bottom for easy access. Make sure the shelves are secure and safe for the children to use – it may be a good idea to attach it to the wall.

You could even consider using adult-size storage furniture or shelves so your kids can grow into them, which will save you money in the long-run.

Photo: Better Homes and Gardens Photo: Better Homes and Gardens

Use labels

Make cleaning up easy by clearly labelling all the containers or baskets so your kids know where everything goes. If your children are old enough, get them to help out and get them to put it back in the right box. It’s a great way to teach them about cleaning and organisation. Best of all, they’ll know where everything goes from the start and they can’t say that they’ve lost it!

Photo: Christina Giaquinto Organizing Photo: Christina Giaquinto Organizing

Portable storage

Designer Susie Fougerousse says, “Portable storage containers such as painted wooden crates or metal bins that can be personalized are a stylish option for children of all ages. With an endless array of colors, patterns, fonts and shapes to choose from, these storage containers are a cool and decorative addition to any room.”

Photo: Susie Fougerousse Photo: Susie Fougerousse

Get rid of the clutter

Do a clean-out of all their toys and clothes and separate them into 3 piles: keep, donate and discard. Throw away any broken toys, and store or donate any toys or clothes that your child has outgrown.

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You can also check out our infographic with tips on how to get rid of your clutter.

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