Moving House Checklist

Moving house checklist

Moving homes can prove to be a very stressful experience. With countless things to keep in mind, here are some easy tips to ensure the month, week and day of your move goes as smoothly as possible.

The month before you move

1. Make an inventory – Decide which items you will be taking with you and which items will be going into storage. It usually helps to sort things by room, so common things can get packed and unpacked together.

2. Call to reserve your storage space & book your free truck and driver move-in service – Get in touch with one of our friendly staff either over the phone or in person at the store and we will go through your requirements to find you the perfect storage space. Once you are satisfied you can reserve your unit with a fully refundable $20 deposit and choose a date and time for the free truck and driver move-in service.

3. Before you start packing, be prepared – Contact us for any packing supplies and packing advice. Rent A Space offers a discount on merchandise for our existing customers.

The week before you move

1. Sort it out – Separate your packed belongings into 3 piles: the items you’re taking with you, the items being stored and lastly set aside the items you will need first when you arrive in your new home. Packing your stuff carefully ensures that none of the wrong items end up loaded onto the Rent A Space truck, and makes your moving in process a whole lot easier.

2. Collect your dry cleaning and do the laundry – it’s better to be packing clean things and organising fresh clothes in your new home then sorting through dirty ones.

3. Disconnect, defrost, dry & prepare major appliances – A fridge is pretty heavy, so make it easier for yourself by emptying it completely and getting rid of any excess water or ice.

4. Change your details – Notify the post office, medicare, creditors, school, banks and others of your change of address in advance, so you’re not chasing up letters once you arrive in your new home.

5. Leave keys with agent or landlord – Have your keys ready for the next owner, and be sure to locate the keys for the new home before you move too.

The day of your move

1. Have your ID and a padlock handy – All you need to bring to Rent A Space to complete our paperwork is some photo identification. It’s also handy to bring an extra padlock if you have one.

2. Bring a friend to speed up the process – Once at the store with our truck its always a good idea to have someone in your party start the unloading onto the trolleys while the account holder attends the office to complete the paperwork. The paperwork won’t take longer than 10-15min at the most to complete.

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