Preparing a Caravan for Storage

If you’re looking to place your caravan into self storage, you’ll need to take a few simple actions to help prevent avoidable damage and what may become costly repairs. Although they may take some time to perform now, these preventable measures are sure to make your life a little easier when you come to use your caravan again, be it in a few weeks, months or years.

Clean your caravan thoroughly

As with any regular vehicle, it’s a good idea to ensure that your caravan is as clean as possible, both inside and out, before you place it into storage. There are several reasons why interior and exterior cleaning is recommended, with the most important being that it can help prevent long term damage to upholstery and paintwork, as well as reducing the chances of encountering a pest problem while in storage. Give the interior a thorough vacuum, wipe down any surfaces, clean the awning and give the body of the caravan a good wash. Ensure the awning, the interior and the exterior are completely dry before storing to avoid mould growth.

caravan tyres being washed

Remove your batteries

Before storing your caravan, remove all unnecessary batteries to help prevent corrosion and battery depletion. Take out the main battery and store it in a cool, dry place, and also remove any other batteries from small appliances throughout the caravan. You can always charge the battery at home using an approved slow charger prior to using the caravan and take it to the self storage facility once you intend on using it.

Turn off the gas

In preparation for storage, turn off any gas cylinders connected to your caravan, disconnect them and store them somewhere cool and ventilated. Anything that is flammable or combustible shouldn’t be kept in a storage unit, so it’s best to keep the gas cylinders at home or at a friend’s place.

Check your seals

Ahead of storing your caravan, it’s best to give the door and window seals a quick check to see if they are all intact. If you do find any problems, it’s best to replace the seals where necessary to help prevent leaks and stop unwanted pests from gaining entry to the caravan.

caravan on grass

Tend to your water system

If you’re preparing your caravan for self storage, there are several parts of the water system that need to be seen to in order to help reduce future maintenance problems. Remove any water from within the water system, empty and flush out the toilet waste tank, drain the water heater and plug any sinks. If you’re storing your caravan during winter, it’s also a good idea to remove the water filters to stop any water residue from freezing, expanding and causing damage.

Empty your fridge

As with any regular fridge, it’s important to empty and clean the fridge in your caravan before it is stored for any length of time. Throw away any food that you won’t use, give it a good clean and leave it to dry with the door slightly ajar. Allowing air to flow through the fridge will prevent mould from growing and leave your fridge ready to go for your next adventure.

Park on level ground

It’s best to park your caravan on level ground to keep your tyres in good condition and to avoid uneven wear. If possible, rotate the tyres every so often and give them a quick pressure check to keep them in good condition.

Check that the storage facility is secure

Caravans can be quite expensive to purchase and look after, so it’s essential that you choose a self storage facility that will be able to keep yours safe and secure. All Rent a Space storage facilities are secured with 24 hour CCTV surveillance and can only be accessed with unique access codes, giving you the peace of mind to happily store your pride and joy.

Rent a Space Vehicle Storage

Looking to store your caravan? Contact Rent a Space’s friendly customer service team today to discover which facilities near you offer caravan and vehicle storage!

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