Smart Organization Tips for the Kitchen

Are you sick of going through every drawer and cupboard looking for that special ingredient or cooking utensil? Get rid of the clutter and organise your whole kitchen with our easy storage tips. Here are some simple and affordable solutions to transform the way you organise your kitchen!

Drawers & cupboards

Are your kitchen drawers just a disordered mess of kitchenware, small appliances and utensils? Are you constantly rifling through the drawers looking for that measuring spoon?

Add drawer dividers and categorise your utensils, so everything has a home.

Source: Better Homes and Gardens Source: Better Homes and Gardens

We love this folding shelf to make full use of your cupboard space.

Source: A place for everything Source: A place for everything

Lazy Susans are also a great idea for those hard to reach cupboard spaces in the corner. They let you browse and take out what items you need easily.

Source: Source:

Under the the sink cupboard

Is your cupboard under the sink currently being under-utilised? Rethink the way you store all your cleaning products under the sink! We love these slide-out trays that keep everything organised.

Source: The Family Handyman Source: The Family Handyman

Appliance corner

An appliance corner can be a dedicated area in the corner or a cupboard where all your frequently used appliances can be kept, such as the coffee maker, toaster, juicer or food processor. Instead of having to pull them out from different areas of the kitchen every time you need it, keep them all together in an easily accessible corner of the kitchen. Keep it close to a power point, so you don’t have to worry about plugging or unplugging cords all the time.

Source: Better Homes and Gardens Source: Better Homes and Gardens


Maximise space and keep everything tidy in your pantry with labelled baskets or containers. And you’ll be able to tell if you’re short on supplies!

Source: Better Homes and Gardens Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Once your pantry is well-organised, you’ll be able to make your grocery shopping trips more efficient too, because you’ll know exactly what you need!

To fully utilise the space, you can even hang a whiteboard or notepad on the back of the pantry door, so you can jot down grocery items once you’ve run out of them, while keeping the surface of your kitchen tops clutter-free.

Source: Better Homes and Gardens Source: Better Homes and Gardens

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