Tips for packing your storage space

When it comes to finally packing your storage space, it can be quite daunting trying to work out what goes where and how to get the most out of your limited space. To ensure that your items are stored securely, avoid any nasty breakages and allow for easy access to any high priority items if the need arises, it’s important to think carefully about how you are going to pack your storage space.

We’ve compiled our top ten tips to help make packing your storage space easier and help you get the most out of the space you’re paying for!

1. Break down your furniture

To help ensure that your bulky furniture items take up as little space as possible, remove legs, cushions and any other removable elements and pack them together. Not only will this help you save space, but it may also help you avoid scratching table legs or losing parts during the move.

2. Think creatively

Make the most of your space by storing smaller items within chests of drawers, wardrobes and cabinets and stacks items at every opportunity you have. Most people don’t think vertically when they’re packing – and it’s easy to not fully utilise the height of the storage space.

packing your self storage space

3. Put items you won’t use at the back of the space

Make it easier to access the items that you will be more likely to need and reduce the hassle involved in finding them. If something is high priority, ensure you can get in and out without needing to resort to acrobatics.

4. Create a system of organising

Create a system, whatever it is, and stick to it. Some people like to label boxes thoroughly, by room or item type; while others like to organise things visually. Plan a map of your boxes, listing the items stored in each, or take photographs of the items packed into each box to help make finding items easier and more efficient while they are in storage and when you are moving them to their final destination.

packing your self storage unit

5. Store large items on their side

Placing bulky items such as lounges, mattresses, paintings and mirrors on their side will take up the least amount of space possible, allowing you to make the most of your storage space. When you’re getting started, don’t be afraid to try new things and slot things where they best fit.

6. Plan an escape route

Leaving a small aisle clear of boxes and other items will not only allow you to access your storage space more easily in the future, but you will also allow air to flow throughout the space.

packing your self storage space

7. Store fabric items in vacuum storage bags

Using vacuum storage bags will reduce the space required to store clothing and other fabric items, and also help prevent insect damage, mildew and wrinkles from developing.

8. Use similar sized boxes

Storing your items in boxes that share similar dimensions will help make stacking easier and maximise the space you’ve got to work with. You’ll also reduce the chance of anything falling. Think of how easy a game of Tetris would be if all the blocks were the same size.

packing your self storage unit

9. Place heavier items low and keep fragile items isolated

Prevent delicate items being crushed by placing heavier items closer to the floor and then stacking lighter items on top of them. Fragile stickers are typically used to help removalists, but there’s no reason they can’t help you out too. Make sure you keep an eye on anything breakable and ensure it stays out from under any heavy boxes.

10. Cover items that won’t fit in boxes

Wrap large items, such as lounges and mattresses, in a protective layer to help prevent them being damaged by any bugs or growths nasty. Your storage unit will be thoroughly cleaned before use, but protective shades or tarpaulins will ensure your furniture is in top condition and ready to move into your new home.

Visit your local Rent A Space to find all the packing materials to keep your belongings in good shape. With a range of different shaped and sized storage options available, as well as year-round access, Rent A Space has a storage solution perfect for you.

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