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FREE Truck & Driver Storage Move-In

Use our FREE Truck & Driver Storage Move-in Service to make your move in smooth, easy and convenient, without the expense of hiring a van, truck or removalist.

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Complimentary storage move in service at Rent a Space

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Personal Storage

Personal storage units are a great solution for when you need more space in your home, e.g., during renovations, or you need space to store your things when moving between homes.

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Student Storage

Student storage options cater to students who like to travel between semesters. University students have peace of mind renting a small storage unit to keep their uni work, laptop and other personal items secure.

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Students self storage

Business Storage

Our business storage units cater to business owners that need more space in the office, e.g., small storage units keep paperwork & files safe. We also have larger spaces for keeping inventory.

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Car Storage

Our car storage includes indoor and outdoor solutions. Depending on your needs, e.g., parking for the work commute, or keeping the love of your life safe and secure, we have a compatible storage option.

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Mobile Storage

Mobile Self Storage Solutions Make it easy to get moving faster with the help of our Free Truck and Driver Move-in Service. Get your storage mobile with our great free service We know that moving your belongings from your home or business to a self storage facility can be a stressful and expensive venture, so […]

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Priya and Sebastian were amazing. Best customer service and deserves 7 stars. Highly recommended.
Kim the manager of this storage space was fantastic. Always replied to my queries promptly and was very helpful, especially as it was a very quick storage that we required.
day one was a seamless move, Priya was very friendly & helpful, i got a coffe and biscuit on arrival .. 5 stars
Great service so far!
Martin and his team were absolutely the best. Amazing service. Great deal on pricing. At the top of my recommendation list.

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Family owned and operated since 1979, our self storage units are clean, secure, bright, convenient and easily accessible.

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Our storage experts will help you determine the best size for your needs and, more often than not, save you money by ensuring you’re not paying for space you don’t need. If you get to the site and find the size isn’t what you’re after, we’ll happily find the right space for your needs.

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