5 Great Reasons to Use Our Free Truck and Driver Move-In Service

Renting a self storage unit from Rent a Space comes with plenty of perks, including great security, 365 day access and use of our free truck and driver move-in service. If you’re thinking of storing with Rent a Space, why not make use of this fantastic service?

Check out 5 great reasons to use our free truck and driver move-in service below:

It’s a great option if you don’t own a car

Depending on your circumstances and where you happen to live in Sydney, you may not necessarily own your car or have a friend or family member with a car that you can borrow. Instead of trying to figure out the logistics of organising friends, borrowing cars and ensuring everyone is on time, our free truck and driver move-in service makes it easy to transport your belongings to your storage space.

You don’t need to worry about hiring and driving a truck

The idea of hiring a truck for the first time and having to navigate Sydney’s busy streets can seem like a daunting task for just about anyone. Making your moving process simpler and leaving the driving to the professionals, our move-in service helps to make moving your goods a breeze.

You’re left in charge of loading and unloading your belongings

If you’re planning to move fragile or important belongings, it’s best to know that they are packed and loaded with care. Instead of relying on others to ensure your belongings are looked after, our truck and driver move-in service gives you the freedom to pack your goods and load them into the truck yourself, ensuring that everything is in the right spot for the journey to your self storage unit.

Rent a Space truck in unloading bay

It helps you save time

Instead of having to take multiple trips from your home or business to your closest Rent a Space facility, our free truck and driver move-in service allows you to save time in the long run. Our trucks are well sized, meaning that it’s likely that you’ll be able to move all, or at least a good portion, of your belongings in one go.

It’s a free service

Available when you first move into a Rent a Space facility, our truck and driver move-in service is free to use. You’ll need to pay a $20 deposit to confirm your booking as the service is quite popular, but this will then become the refundable security deposit on your storage unit. Cheaper than renting a truck for the day or paying for your friend’s petrol, it’s a cost effective way to move your belongings.

Interested in making use of this great service? Learn more about Rent a Space’s free truck and driver move-in service.

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