Truck use

We want to take the stress out of storing your goods. We’re the only self storage providers in the Sydney metropolitan area to offer a Free Truck and Driver Move-in service at all of our locations. We’ll send the truck and driver – you grab a friend or loved one who owes you one to help load and unload, and you’ll save on the costs of a removalist!

Give us a call and book in early as this is a popular service and our trucks are booked out quickly especially on weekends.

Download the free truck and drive move-in service form.


Free truck and driver Rent a Space Self Storage


Conditions of use

Use of free truck and driver

The truck and driver are provided FREE of charge as a service to our new storers to move their possessions into our Rent a Space Centre (one trip only to move in). The collection will only be confirmed on payment of the $20 deposit.


Assistance with loading or unloading

The driver and other Rent a Space Self Storage employees or agents are prohibited from assisting with the loading or unloading of the truck. Only Rent a Space employees or their agent(s) may drive or ride in the truck.


Service area

A new storer’s possessions will only be moved within the “service area” of the Rent a Space facility. The service area refers to a 10km distance to/from the relevant Rent a Space Store you have reserved your unit in the Sydney Metropolitan area.


Location for loading and unloading of goods

The location where the truck is to be parked for loading must be flat and acceptable to the driver and not against any road rules for parking the truck. On arrival at our facility, the driver will park the truck as close as the driver deems possible to the rented storage space or at the service area.


Legal ownership, and dangerous and unlawful possessions

The storer agrees to load the truck only with lawful possessions to which the storer has legal title ownership and/or possession. The storer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Rent a Space Self Storage, its agents and employees from any loss, legal fees, damage, judgement cost or expense arising out of or concerning the storer’s use or possession of the truck. The storer agrees that they will not load the truck with items not allowed under the terms of the storage agreement.


Liability and insurance

Rent a Space Self Storage, its agents and employees shall not be liable to the storer for any damage to, loss or theft of the storer’s possessions prior to, during or after the course of the move. Note: Rent a Space Self Storage, its agents and employees have NO responsibility should damage occur while your possessions are being moved.


Scheduled use time

You must be on time for your appointment or the scheduled pick-up time or the $20 deposit will be forfeited. Cancellations can be made greater than 24 hours from the scheduled pickup time or the deposit will be forfeited. Upon move in, your $20 deposit will become your refundable security deposit on your unit.


Minimum size units for free use

To access the Free Truck and Driver Move-in Service a minimum sized unit of 2.25m2 is required (weekday move-in only) and 4.5m2 for weekday or weekend move-ins. Please call for clarification and availability as we’ll do our best to help you out for the most convenient solution.