Seniors and Downsizing Infographic

Did you know that 80% of Australians aged 65 and over currently own their own homes? While it’s great to have your own place, our needs often change as we get older. In fact, 43% of homeowners surveyed actually downsized when they relocated. Around half of those surveyed had relocated once since turning 50, while roughly a quarter had moved more than twice in that time!

Research has also found that:

  • Of the Baby Boomers who moved, or will consider moving once they become Empty Nesters, 36% will move more than three hours away, while 34% plan to move within 10kms
  • 63% were more likely to purchase a property that is smaller than their current home
  • 26% have said they will miss storage space the most when they move
  • 74% cited price as the single-largest influencer in future home purchase decisions

If you’re planning to downsize or move and need storage space, why not talk to the self storage experts at Rent a Space? We can help find the perfect self storage to suit your needs, from different sized storage units to boat and car storage options. All of our self storage units are clean, individually alarmed, and located in a secure facility. You can also check out our guide to self storage infographic with benefits on why you should use self storage, typical storage unit sizes and tips on how to store goods in storage.


seniors and downsizing infographic


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