Tips to Keep Your Home Looking Effortlessly Stylish

Have you ever walked into a house and you’ve instantly felt like you were home? How do some home decorators and renovators get that warm and inviting feeling? Here are some of our tips to help you inject some style into your home.

Colour Palette

The easiest is to stick to a neutral colour, like dove grey, off white or beige. Pale shades of whites, greys, and pastels generally help you optimise light, both natural and artificial, by maximizing light reflectance.

It’s important to always test your paint samples at different times of the day before you paint the whole house. For example, a colour that looks awesome in the morning may appear flat and dreary a few hours later. Changes in light may also draw out different undertones in the paint. A white or grey finish may appear warmer or cooler depending on light quality, which could change the feel of the room.

You may also want to avoid bluish or cool grey undertones in north-facing rooms that don’t benefit from the warmth of the sunlight, as it can make the room appear gloomy.

colour palette Photo: Home Design Ideas

Lots of natural light

If you’re trying to create a warm and inviting space, dark walls aren’t suitable where is little to no natural light. Sunlight creates a feeling of airiness and openness in a room and can often make it feel bigger. If you don’t have many sources of natural light at home, a mirror on the wall can make a small, stuffy room seem bigger and more welcoming.

Don’t follow trends

An effortlessly stylish home is timeless and should reflect your own personal style, not what’s hot right now.

Dare to hang ‘anonymous’ art

You don’t need to have a painting from a famous artist to make your home look stylish. You can find some amazing and original artwork at garage sales, boutique art galleries or online. Just remember that if it makes you happy and it reflects your style, it will be a great addition to your home.

Utilise that empty space

Sometimes we see an empty space and we just want to fill it, which can lead to a cluttered and chaotic space. Keep it simple. For example, this unused fireplace has been tiled and a set of candles makes the space look stylishly minimalistic, but still reflects their personal style.

Photo: Studio Duggan Photo: Studio Duggan

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