Storage Boxes

If you’re looking for materials to make your move a little bit easier, Rent a Space has a huge range of storage boxes, carry bags, wine storers, protective inserts, and more, to help you out. Visit us in-store across our Sydney locations for all your packing supplies.

Whether you’re upsizing, downsizing or just need a little help decluttering, check out some of our products below:

Types of Packing Boxes

rent a space storage boxes

Rent A Space Crystal Box

A well cushioned double layer box. It provides protection for fragile items, such as crockery, crystal, porcelain or glass.

Port A Robe – Wardrobe Box

No folding necessary! The Port A Robe wardrobe box is ideal for packing tall, large and bulky clothes such as dresses, coats and jackets. Use with the steel ‘Port A Robe Rail’ (H), sold separately.

Port A Robe Rail – H Type

A steel hanging rail used inside the ‘Port A Robe’ wardrobe box (sold separately) to hang your clothes.

Archive Box

A strong all-purpose storage and archive box with built in carry handles and a hinged lid. It is ideal for Manilla folders, paperwork, documents, account books, tapes, DVDs or other archival materials. Fast assembly with no tape required.

Rent A Space Tea Chest Box

This all-purpose packing box is ideal for non-breakable household items such as clothing, toys, small appliances and linen.

Picture Case Set Inner & Outer (LCD Box)

The ultimate protection for your TV screen. This super heavy duty box keeps your TV upright and provides protection during the moving process. It can also be used to protect framed art.

Lay Flat Wine Box

Our wine box can store up to 12 bottles of wine. Use it in conjunction with the 6 bottle wine insert (sold separately) to keep your wine flat and protected.

6 Bottle Wine Insert

Moulded fibre wine inserts designed to keep your wine bottles flat and provides insulation and protection during moving or

Carry Bags

These durable and versatile bags are an economical way to bundle up your household goods. These bags are great for clothes and linen.

rent a space storage bags

Other Products


High grade and durable packing tape to keep your boxes intact and closed even after extended storage.

packing tape rent a space

4 Dial Combination Lock

Solid brass padlock with a strong, pick resistant combination lock. The 4 easy-to-read dials give you up to 10,000 possible combinations that will keep intruders guessing. The long shackle gives an added layer of versatility without sacrificing security, which makes it ideal for storage units.

40mm “3 Key” Padlock

Solid brass padlock with anti-pick mushroom pins for higher security. All locks come with 3 keys so you can keep the spares at home and in your car for whenever you need access.


Plastics – All Mattress Covers / Chair / Couches etc

Protect your mattress, chairs or lounge from marking, dust, water and dirt during moving and storage. We have covers for king, queen and single mattresses, lounges, sofas and dining chairs. It can be reused a number of times.

Marker Pens

Just in case you need to mark your boxes for easy retrieval and management.

marker rent a space self storage

Butcher Packing Paper

A useful and clean option for packing your crockery, glass and valuables into boxes, or to fill voids in boxes to prevent movement inside.

Packing Knife

Your trusted friend on the packing job. This handy and versatile knife can be used to cut various materials.

packing knife rent a space self storage

Bubble Roll

Used as cushioning to protect fragile items.

Tape Dispenser

Make packing boxes easier with a tape dispenser. The dispenser has an ergonomic grip handle and a cutting teeth protector for when the tape is not in use.

tape dispenser self storage

Utility Rope

All-purpose 100% nylon rope with a breaking strength of 115kg.

utility rope rent a space

Looking for something else or wondering if your local Rent a Space store has the products you’ll need for your move? Contact us today and a member of our helpful team will get back to you shortly.

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