Storage FAQs

Who is Rent a Space?

Rent a Space is a 100% Australian owned business and has been in operation for over 35 years. We have 13 self storage sites around Sydney and growing and are proud foundation members of the Self Storage Association of Australia. We take absolute pride in providing the best customer service and ensuring you the most convenient way of storing your precious goods.

Do you have trailers available?

Yes, our trailers are free to use for existing customers to move in and out of storage. Trailers can only be used on days when the office is open and must be returned before close of business. For more information, or to book your trailer, please call 02 8758 0000.

Can I use your free truck and driver service to move out?

Our free truck and driver is a move-in service only. Our trailers are free to use when you move out. Please call us on 02 8758 000 to book.

Can I purchase boxes and packing supplies at your storage site?

Yes, we have a wide range of packing materials available for purchase at any of our storage facilities, including boxes, mattress protectors, bubble wrap, sofa protectors, dining chair covers, blankets, packing ropes, tape dispensers, carry bags, wrapping paper, locks, tape and marker pens.

When can I access my unit?

You can access your unit 7 days a week, 365 days a year from 6am to 9pm.

How does self storage work?

At Rent a Space, we’re all about making your storage experience convenient and stress free. From ensuring you find the right size for your goods so you’re not paying for unused space, to providing you with a free truck and driver move-in service, and ensuring your goods are kept in a secure and clean storage facility which you can access 365 days a year.


We have 13 storage locations around Sydney so we’re sure to be just around the corner from home or work.


Submit your details or give us a call and let our storage experts find the right space for you so you never pay for unused space. We have over 25 different storage sizes and solutions so we’re sure to have a solution for you. To get an understanding of size, see our Storage Calculator.


Once you’ve found the perfect space, reserve your unit with a small fully refundable security deposit and lock in a time slot for your free truck and driver move-in service. If you change your mind up to 24 hours before the scheduled move in, date we’ll refund your deposit.


1. Use the right box – small for heavy items, large for light. We stock a full range of storage boxes, carry bags and packing materials. Come into our store for all your packing needs.
2. Label your boxes and clearly mark which way up
3. Don’t overload – the last thing you want is boxes falling over or breaking
4. Avoid using garbage bags – bags split, boxes fit
5. Tape it – quality sticky tape and a tape gun make life so much easier
6. Hang it up – storing clothes? Use our wardrobe boxes
7. Think Small – dismantle bed frames and store lounges faced upwards
8. Map it! Know where everything is placed
9. Allow for a walkway through your unit for accessibility
10. Tetris – stack it well. Big on bottom, tiny on top.
11. Cover it – mattress and furniture protectors are a must
12. Use our trolleys – it makes life a lot easier
13. Ask our store manager for handy tips too!

Check out our blog post for more tips on how to pack your storage space.


Bring your things to the property using our free truck and driver move-in service, removalists or your own car. Meet the manager and sign your self storage agreement. We recommend taking out contents insurance to make sure you’re covered in case of damage. Bring your own lock or purchase one from us.


Online account – Once you’ve moved in you will have access to your own online account to make payments and update your personal details.

Autopay – At Rent a Space we have a no late fee policy, that is, if you sign up for autopay, we’ll debit your credit card monthly on the due date and as long as your credit card doesn’t bounce and you pay on time, you’ll never receive a late fee!

Credit card – Pay over the phone 7am-7pm 7 days or in-store during office hours.

Debit card/cash – Pay in-store during office hours

Payment terms and due dates – Your rent is due in advance and in full on the anniversary date outlined in your Self Storage Agreement. It’s best to pay on time in advance or via autopay to ensure you avoid a late fee.

Access – Need to get to your goods when you want and without notice? Access your goods from 6am – 9pm every day of the year. Just be sure to have your pin code with you and enter it into the security pin pad on entry AND exit to ensure you un-alarm and re-alarm your unit. You can use your own lock or purchase one from us.

Moving out – A minimum 14 days’ notice is required if you wish to move out. Any unused rent will be refunded back into your bank account once you have moved out.

You can always change the move-out date; just speak to our facility manager and they’ll ensure a smooth process. Please ensure the unit is cleared of all goods and you remove your lock.

Transferring units – If you’d like more or less space, just let us know and we won’t charge a fee for transferring units.

Why should I choose Rent a Space?

Unit Types

Everything for your personal, business and vehicle storage needs, we have the space and that’s right for you. If you need a locker space all the way up to a double garage size, we can make it work for you. We can even find space for your boat or campervan. View our various storage unit sizes here.

Free Truck and Driver Move-in

Why go through the cost and hassle of finding a removalist? Rent a Space makes storing your goods convenient and stress free. When reserving your unit, ask about our free truck and driver move-in service and book in a time which suits you. We recommend booking well in advance as this is a popular service, especially on the weekends. Grab yourself a friend or two to help load the goods, have your goods ready to load and unload and enjoy the free service.

Easy Access 365 Days a Year

On move-in you’ll receive a unique access code which gives you secure access to the facility and disarms your unit upon entry and re-alarms your unit on exit. You will be able to access to storage unit 365 days a year, 7 days a week between 6am – 9pm.

Secure, Individually Alarmed Units

All of our storage facilities have the latest security technology with every unit individually alarmed, CCTV throughout the centre and security services on call in the case of security breaches.

Here are more reasons why you should use Rent a Space self storage.

How do I move in?

You can choose to use a removalist, a truck or car to move your possessions into storage. For your convenience, we do offer our customers a free truck and driver move-in service and free trailer hire. For more information and to book, please call us on 02 8758 0000. Our free truck and driver move-in service is very popular, especially on weekends, so make sure you book early to avoid disappointment!

Once at the storage facility, we provide complimentary trolleys and professional advice to help make storing easier.

Is there a minimum rental period?

The minimum rental period at Rent a Space is one month.

How long is the contract?

At Rent a Space self storage, you are not locked into a contract, so you can move in or out whenever you want! Our self storage units are rented on a month to month basis, however do we do offer discounts on leases for 6 months or 12 months. Please speak to your store manager for more information, or call 8758 0000.

Do you provide storage for students?

We sure do! Our locker type storage units are very popular with students, as it means they can enjoy their break, travel around Australia or go overseas and have peace of mind that their possessions are safe.

Can I pay weekly or monthly?

We accept monthly payments.

What methods of payment are available?

We accept cash, bank cheque, credit card, bank deposit, money order and EFTPOS.

Do I need insurance for my stored items?

Insurance is recommended, but not mandatory. You can confirm with your insurer whether your home and contents or business insurance policy covers you for items in storage. If not, Rent a Space can assist with content insurance for your stored items.

Can I change my current unit to a smaller or larger space?

Yes, you may transfer to another storage space, subject to availability. Any prepaid rent can be applied to the new storage space.

Who else will have access to my storage unit?

As your self storage unit is padlocked and you have the key, only you (or anyone you have authorised) will have access to your unit.

Do I need a padlock?

Yes. All of our units are individually alarmed, but you will need to lock it with a padlock. We do not keep keys. You can bring your own padlock or purchase one from our store.

Are the units secure?

Yes! All of our units are individually alarmed and provide great, long term care of your goods. Each unit is also locked with your own padlock and you will be the only one who has access to the unit, as you hold the key.

Upon move-in, you will receive a unique access code which gives you secure access to the facility. It will disable the alarm to your unit upon entry and re-alarms it again when you exit.

How much notice must be given when I move out?

A minimum 14 days notice is required if you wish to move out. Any unused rent will be refunded back into your bank account once you have moved out.

You can always change the move-out date; just speak to our facility manager and they’ll ensure a smooth process. Please ensure the unit is cleared of all goods and you remove your lock.

How do I know how much storage space I will need?

We have a wide range of storage unit sizes to suit your needs. Our storage space calculator can help you visualise the various sizes we have available and what you can fit into each space. Our knowledgeable storage experts can determine the best size to suit your needs and ensure you don’t pay for space you don’t need. Call us on 02 8758 0000 to speak to one of our knowledgeable staff now.

Can I just stop by to view the facility and storage spaces, or do I need an appointment?

You are most welcome to drop by during normal store hours to view the facility and spaces available. Please visit our self storage store location pages to view opening hours.

Are there any items that I cannot store?

Liquids, explosives, flammable liquids, toxic materials and perishables are not allowed. Please contact Rent a Space if you have any questions on a specific item.

Do you have trolleys or handcarts available at your facility to move my items?

Yes. We have complimentary carts available for your use at each of our locations.

What if I forget my gate access code?

For your protection and security, you will need to come into the office with photo identification and the store manager will assist you.