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Do I need insurance for my stored items?

Insurance is an important consideration as all goods are stored at the sole risk and responsibility of the storer.

Rent a Space Self Storage recommend customers consider insurance for their goods, but it is not mandatory. You can confirm with your insurer whether your home and contents or business insurance policy covers you for items in storage. If not, Rent a Space can assist with content insurance for your stored items. For further information, see HERE

Can I use Rent a Space's free truck and driver service to move out?

Our free truck and driver service is available to move your things into self storage only. However, you have complimentary access to our trailers to use when you move out. Please call us on (02) 8758 0000 to book one of our trailers.

Can I purchase cardboard storage boxes and packing supplies at any Rent a Space Self Storage site?

Yes, we have a wide range of packing materials available for purchase at all of our self storage facilities, including cardboard boxes, mattress protectors, bubble wrap, sofa protectors, dining chair covers, blankets, packing ropes, tape dispensers, carry bags, wrapping paper, locks, tape and marker pens. Whatever you need to help you move or prepare your things for storage we have it.

Does Rent a Space Self Storage have trailers available to help move my things into storage?

Yes, our trailers are free to use for existing customers to move in and out of storage. Trailers are available to be used on days when the office is open and must be returned before close of business. For more information, or to book your trailer, please call (02) 8758 0000.

Are there trolleys or hand carts available at the storage facility to help move my items?

Yes. Rent a Space Self Storage have complimentary trolleys/ hand carts available for your use at all of our storage locations.