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How do I know how much self storage space I will need?

At Rent a Space Self Storage we have a wide range of storage unit sizes to suit your needs. Our Self Storage Videos can help you visualise the various sizes we have available and what you can fit into each space. Our knowledgeable storage experts can determine the best size to suit your needs and ensure you don't pay for space you don't need. Phone us on (02) 8758 0000 to speak to one of our knowledgeable staff now.

What size storage unit do I need for a car?

A 3/4 garage size unit with a driveway, measuring approx 13.5sqm or bigger, can be used to store smaller cars while larger cars will likely need a single car garage space with a driveway, measuring 18sqm or larger. Select Rent a Space Self Storage locations also have outdoor car storage spaces available.

Car spaces are in high demand so we suggest making a reservation to avoid disappointment. If you are unsure of the best storage space for you or have any questions please call Rent a Space’s team of experts during business hours on (02) 8758 0000 and they will be happy to help and explain all of the available options.

Does Rent a Space provide storage for students?

We sure do! Our storage lockers are very popular with students who like to enjoy their break and travel Australia or overseas while having peace of mind that their possessions and uni work are safe.

Can I change my current storage unit to a smaller or larger space?

Yes. At Rent a Space you may transfer to another storage space, subject to availability. Any prepaid rent can be applied to the new storage space.